Do you have a 'system'?

Everyone has a 'system'.
A 'too good to be true' offer.
An erudite triteness masked as 'intellectual property'.

Well. Not everyone.
But look at modern advertising. It feels that way!

Can reason compete with this?
The answer lies in truths:

  • People like things that give more than they ask.
  • People like enjoyable things more than boring things.
  • People like well-made things more than regurgitated trash.

Best of all?
People like those things all of the time.

But emerging trends?
Hot new social tools?
Easy-money opportunities?
People only like those things some of the time.
They do. Until they don’t.

Engage with them if you want.
But know what they are:

A distraction from your deep work.
A detour from the fundamentals that don’t change.

What if you invested more of your resources into things that don’t change? Such as well-made marketing designed to give more than it asks while showing people a good time?

What if you allow yourself to experience JOMO,
The 'joy of missing out' on what doesn’t matter long-term,
So you can build a body of work that does?

Question for the week: What do you think you could cut out to make more time for deep, quality work?

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