If you believe what you read in the news,
You’d think AI will replace creators.

But AI does not replace creators.</br> At least, not all of them.

How do you know if you’ll be one of them?

AI helps average creators stay average.

It makes low-effort work more low-effort.
It makes forgettable work more forgettable.
It makes commoditised work more commoditised.

If you pump out templated content, video ads that look like powerpoint presentations, and ChatGPT-written articles, your days (or at least your marketing’s days) are numbered.

Examples of ways to stay average with AI:

  • AI as your replacement (if you think it can replace you, you’re right)
  • AI as a text spinner (recycling other people’s content rather than finding your own voice)
  • AI as a video generator (if you and your style aren’t present, why should we care about the source)
  • AI as your guide (rather than as your sidekick)

AI helps great creators stay great.

It makes remarkable work more remarkable.
It makes shareable ideas more shareable.
It makes masterful work more masterful.

If you thoughtfully produce great content, experiences that people love and look forward to, and use AI as a thought accelerant instead of your replacement, your days have only just begun.

Examples of ways to stay great with AI:

  • AI as a brainstorming buddy (to kick ideas around with you 24/7)
  • AI as an audience member (let it behave in response to your audience insights, see what it says)
  • AI as devil’s advocate (let it poke holes in your work before you publish)
  • AI as a time machine (let it show you your work from different angles, so you can see which you like best before you build it properly)

The difference won’t be subtle.

The good news?
You get to choose which side of the culling you’d like to be on!

Question for the week: What you’d love to create but have been too afraid to invest the time or resources into!

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Have a good weekend humans,

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