Is there a ‘secret’ to irresistible marketing?

Nah. No secret. But there are patterns. 3 of them, in fact.

Since the market’s inundated with content, why not follow them?

After all, you don’t just want to be seen. You want to be unforgettable. So this week, we’re diving into the three key elements that make that happen. They’re not new-fangled things. They’re timeless. Just like you’re about to be:

Learn WHAT they want

Talk to them. Learn their inner-narrative. Decide where in that inner-narrative your work should fit. Then tell their narrative back to them with you included. By giving people what they truly want, you lay the groundwork for engagement and loyalty.

Deliver it HOW they love to receive it

Explore the various channels and formats your audience prefers, whether it’s social media, email newsletters, podcasts, or interactive experiences. Explore what it is they love about the specific content they consume on those channels, so you can show up as one of the ones they love, not one of the ones they skip.

Build quality at that intersection

That intersection of WHAT and HOW is your sub-niche. The amount of high-quality material at that specific intersection is likely very small. So over-cook your response: create materials so remarkable in that intersection that it simple cannot be ignored. Great storytelling. Amazing visuals. Immersive experiences. Think big and own that intersection.

If it doesn’t get the response you want, you either:

  • Didn’t learn what they wanted
  • Didn’t learn how they love to receive it
  • Didn’t build high-enough-quality experiences
  • Didn’t give it enough time to germinate in your market

Over to you, friends:

Question for the week: Of those 4 bullet points, which do you think is holding you back most?

Reply to this email with your answer. I read every one, and reply with support to as many as I can.

Have a good weekend champ,

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