Who’s the best marketer in your business?

Even in a company of one, it should not be you.

But wait… If no one loves your business more than you do… How could it possibly be anyone else?

Because the best marketers are always:

Your customers.

But there’s a problem: Most businesses have no clue how to ‘recruit’ their customers as effective marketers.

There are a few ways… today we’re going to cover the best way. Integrating edutainment into your attraction, activation, and advocacy stages.

Attraction: They want to come to you

Produce marketing materials that people love and look forward to.

Letting people discover your business through video content that resembles what they already love watching (so they can enjoy watching you too, instead of just skipping you).

Letting people play with a product mock with a fun guide and contextualised seed data (so they’ve already tasted wins before signing up).

Letting people play with an interactive quiz that starts solving their problems right away (so they’re already associating you with easy, fun progress).

Letting people play with a game-style walkthrough to explore your physical location (and find secret goodies, so they already know your place before visiting).

People look forward to seeing you. Stage one of recruitment complete.

Activation: They want to use your product/service

Make getting setup with you so delightful they’ll work you into their life.

Make onboarding fun so they can’t not complete it. Incentivise onboarding completion so there are bonuses for doing it now. Give more bonuses for trying out new features. Be creative about what the rewards are.

Give your product/service a personality so people feel like they’re building a relationship, not just using a tool. Let it talk to them, let it be a ‘person’, let loyalty develop within that relationship. Let it remember their birthday. Let it have a birthday.

People look forward to using you. Stage two of recruitment complete.

Advocacy: They want to tell others about you

Make associating with you and sharing you with others make them look good.

Make the act of referring feel novel, creative and new (so they feel like they’ve found something wonderful that their peers will appreciate, increasing status).

Make the material benefit to referrals be bigger than cash. Don’t think of it like “coercing someone to tell others”. Think of it like levelling up a character in an role-playing game.

Since the Activation stage made them want to play, this is where we help them level-up.

People want to tell others about you. Stage three of recruitment complete.

After all, who doesn’t want:

  • Effective marketing
  • High ROAS and CTRs
  • High onboarding success rates
  • Low customer churn
  • High referral rate

Over to you, friends:

Question of the week: Which of the three stages above do you feel is weakest for you currently? What ideas come to mind for improving it (if any)?

Reply to this email with your answer. I read every one, and reply with support to as many as I can.

Have a good weekend champ,

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