Is marketing getting easier or harder?

Most would say harder…

And they’re right. If by harder they mean “different and I hate change.”

But it’s actually simpler than ever.
Despite the competition. Despite the changes.

Here’s why:

Gatekeepers are gone.

Sure, there are algorithms…

But they’re only there to show people more of what they like. So if you’re not showing up, you didn’t show enough people that they like it yet. That’s all.

Gatekeepers used to unlock specific captive audiences. Now they’re gone, you need to define cohorts within your audience yourself. It’s different, but you’re in control.

Feedback is public.

How did people feel about your banner ads? You have no idea.

On social, you do. You’re connecting with individuals, seeing their words in response to yours. You can even see what they talk about on their own profiles.

We’ve never had more data available to us. Now we have it, we need to analyse it to improve our creative. It’s different, but you’re in control.

People are still starved for good stuff.

Of the >800 million videos on YouTube…

How many channels do you love and look forward to regularly? If you can think of more than 3, you’re doing very well.

People want to consume things they want to consume, in ways they love to consume it. And you only really have ~3 real competitors per cohort.

Sure, you need to produce fantastic stuff. It’s different. But you’re in control.


You have permission.

All the data.

And a wide-open opportunity.

Still think its harder?

Over to you, friends:

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