Is personal branding really what you think it is?

It’s not about making people like brands. It’s the opposite.

Personal branding is about making brands like people. Let’s explore how in 3 steps:

1. Flip it upside down

If you’re branding yourself, don’t try to become like a company.

Companies don’t even want to be like companies. They want people to form relationships with them, to be seen as relatable and trustworthy, with shared beliefs and shared culture. Put another way, they want to be people. Doesn’t matter what you’re branding. Could be yourself. Could be your company

Don’t brand either like a company. Brand it like a person.

2. Design a friend

Now we have a person, let’s turn it into a friend.

What’s the difference between people and friends? Friends do the above things. They’re relatable and trustworthy. They have shared beliefs and shared culture. They know how to get great gifts, or show you a great time. They know what you like, how you like to receive it. They know what you think is awesome, or lame. They know what tickles your funny-bone.

That’s who people like spending time with. Design that.

3. Focus on the big three

Now we have a personality (person or company) people want to be around.

Now you just need to do what that person would do. Continue to learn what they want, how they love to receive it. And continually express that to them in the most unignorably-awesome ways you possibly can.

Now we’ve turned that friend into a BFF.

Who are you more likely to engage with on social media, a cold corporation, a person, a friend, or your BFF? Who are you more likely to support in new ventures, a cold corporation, a person, a friend, or your BFF? Who are you more likely to buy from when they ask, a cold corporation, a person, a friend, or your BFF?

Over to you:

Question for the week: Which part of this stood out to you most? Which part excites you the most for your brand?

Reply to this email with your answer. I read every one, and reply with support to as many as I can.

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