Will AI eventually replace YOU?

There’s a simple test to find out.

It’s very simple:

  1. Take one of your social posts at random
  2. Take a random competitor’s social post
  3. Swap who said which (visually or in your mind)
  4. Show them to someone who follows you

If they look at the competitor’s one (which is secretly yours)…
And they don’t think, “Hey, they ripped your material”…
…You’re replaceable.

If they look at your one (which is secretly the competitor’s)…
And they don’t think, “Hm, that doesn’t sound like you”…
…You’re replaceable.

You’d know if your mother or best friend had a personality transplant.
Because you know who they are. And you like them for it. You trust them for it.

If someone replaced your mother with a robot that sounded similar?
It’s still not your mother. You wouldn’t trust it.

Want to be irreplaceable?

Invest in what won’t change:

  • Know what your market wants
  • Know how they want to receive it
  • Know their inner-narrative you fit into
  • Build an un-ignorably good experience based on that

Question for the week: How easily do you feel like AI could replace YOU currently, and why?

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