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Ads should be your best content.

Instead, they’re usually the worst.

An ad should not be:

  • They sell blindly vs first giving value
  • The visuals are low-effort vs good quality
  • They spend relational equity vs build it
  • They’re board vs targeted to a chosen few
  • They have no personality
  • They’re not memorable nor remarkable
  • They lead to boring sales pages

And yet companies expect to generate business with them.

Let’s reconsider what an ad is.

An ad should be:

  • An invitation to a great experience
  • Some of your very best work
  • Filled to the brim with value
  • The first step of a multi-step experience
  • An opportunity to discover
  • High quality in the eyes of the viewer
  • So good that people share it with others
  • Thoughtfully assembled for a chosen few

Since most aren’t…

…What if yours were?

Challenge for the week: Whether you run ads or not, think about the list above and how it could apply to all of your marketing efforts.

Reply to this email with: What stood out to you in the list as the most powerful or exciting item?

Enjoy the week, friends!


There’s a rule on social media that we often forget:

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

A loaded profile full of fake followers doesn’t equal loyal fans or predictable sales.

Platitudey filler posts don’t equal meaningful engagement or business growth.

Not posting today? No problem.
Didn’t get as much engagement as some other guy? No sweat.
Having a busy day at work and forgot to reply to a comment? S’all good.

Focus on:

  • Educating your target market in meaningful ways
  • Entertaining your target market in the process

So that they can:

  • Attribute personal or professional progress to you
  • Enjoy it so much they keep doing that over and over

If delivering that with heart and authority doesn’t equate to a stronger network, meaningful connections and more predictable social acquisition,
I don’t know what will!

Challenge for the week: Think about next week’s social schedule. Does it do those two things? If not, what will you do about it?

Reply to this email with: Which you struggle with more: educating, or entertaining? I’d love to know!

Enjoy the week, friends!


Standing out means not doing what the others are all doing.

This is a newsflash for most businesses in most industries.

And what good news that is: while they’re all trying to sound the same, you need only listen to what your audience really wants to see and hear

…and create that instead.

Too easy!


This is the first 'Joint Venture' comic I’ve made (featuring my family!)

After so many people asked for a glimpse of how we juggle business and life, it seemed like a fun topic:

  • the journey of building as a family,
  • how it’s not all Insta-perfect all the time, and
  • how we can all enjoy messy forward motion.

’Cus building is messy. Really messy.

But also really fun… if you can embrace the mess.

Challenge for the week: Switch off all signals that tell you how your competitors are doing, for a full week. Get away from them. Build without the noise.

Reply to this email with: How you plan on getting away from the noise!

Enjoy the week, friends!


Throw a rock.

And try to avoid hitting a Notion content template with it.

See? You can’t.

Everyone’s got one. Everyone’s making them.

Selling them, even.

And yet not everyone has a successful content or advertising campaign.

Something’s off, isn’t it?

Partially. Man cannot live on Notion templates alone.

But he can live on this:

1. Spend time with your target audience. Hang with them. Expose your worldview to theirs. The combination of market exposure and your brand philosophies will reveal problems, pains, and good taste.

2. Pitch ideas (not products) to them. Show them what you think would be awesome to create (a free video, page, resource, whatever). If they think it’s awesome too, that‘s good. If they think it isn’t, go again.

3. Make the awesome thing and publish it for them (and others like them) to enjoy.

Is it an entire content marketing system?

No. There’s more to it than just this.

But does it generate more (and better) ideas than staring at templates alone?

I think we both know the answer to that!

Challenge for the week: Try this. Even if it’s just Step 1. You’ll be hooked.

Reply to this email with: If you want some resources to help you do this. I’ll get some over to you.

Enjoy the week, friends!


Psychological marketing hacks… Good or Bad?

Good guys often shun them because it feels like dirty trickery.
They wouldn’t sleep knowing they tricked people into buying what they don’t need.

Bad guys often love them and thus outperform the good guys.
They plague your Facebook timeline with ads about untold riches. People still fall for it.

But there’s a third way:

  • One that outperforms customer psychology alone…
  • One that the good guys love…
  • One that the bad guys can’t see…

I call it customer philosophy:

Customer philosophy = customer psychology + morality + market sophistication.

  • Customer psychology: you know the marketing tricks
  • Morality: you know what is or isn’t a societal good
  • Market sophistication: you know what they know

Customer philosophy enables you to:

  • Know what works
  • Know what’s right
  • Know how to build trust with every sale

Now that’s something I think we can all get behind.

Let’s invest in that a bit this week, shall we?

Challenge for the week: Be honest: were you in the "good guys" or "bad guys" camp until now? What do you think about customer philosophy as a concept?

Reply to this email with: Your answer and thoughts!

Enjoy the week, friends!


Do you follow your passion?

That’s cool.

But you know what’s cooler?

Following your curiosity.

Here’s why:

Passion is curiosity in full-bloom.

Some curiosities sprout interest which, when watered, can become passions.

They’re fickle like roses, but we don’t make the rules. It’s just how they work!

When you follow your passion?
you’re limited to what you watered accidentally.

When you follow your curiosity?
you take back control over the watering can.

Let’s make that happen this week, shall we?

Challenge for the week: Do something this week to nurture your curiosity in areas you’re no good at or ignorant about but maybe—just maybe—holds something you could become super-interested in.

Reply to this email with: What you plan to do!

Enjoy the week, friends!


Unicorns are cute.

They’re also worth billions of dollars.

Creators get to choose a path:

Option 1: 20% chance of building a profitable business and life they enjoy.

Option 2: 00006% chance of succeeding at building a unicorn.

Option 2 is a fine option for folks who like to play those odds.

But for the rest of us, Option 1 lets creators:

  • Build financial autonomy
  • Build time independence
  • Do things they enjoy all day

Not all of these benefits show up on the balance sheet, yet they are no less worth their weight in gold.

Check the math:

Option 1: Fail five times and you win. Heck, fail ten times and have two profitable projects, if you like to do multiple things.

Option 2: Fail 16,700 times and win maybe.

Aiming for the moon is still an option!

But leaving the moon alone and doing what you love every day is also an option.

If you’re an Option 2 person, godspeed.

If you’re an >Option 1 person, there's never been a better time to fail forward.

Challenge for the week: Do you know if you’re an Option 1 or Option 2 person? Do you behave like it, appreciating the benefits that path affords you?

Reply to this email with: Your honest answer! Accountability helps keep us on the straight and narrow.

Enjoy the week, friends!


The internet has a shortage of bizdev opinions.

Oh wait…

That’s not right, is it.

Everyone who’s ever received a five-figure check is a business guru now.

They’ll all share their opinion about their one new hack that changes everything.

And, impressively, they’re not wrong once about that.

No. They’re wrong three times:

  • There’s not one thing. There are lots of little things. When they’re all good enough, things start to move.
  • It’s not new. Safely give people what they want, how they love to receive it. It’s not new, but it is rare.
  • It’s not a hack. People don’t want to be hacked. They want to be seen, supported, entertained and protected.

What good news this is.

It means you don’t have to search for ‘the answer’, you just have to make iterative progress.

It means you don’t have to watch for what’s new, you just have to do what works.

It means you don’t have to discover a hack, you just have to care enough to show up fully.

What a relief.

Challenge for the week: Do you find yourself secretly wondering if there’s a ‘one new hack’ that will change everything in your business? Answer honestly!

Reply to this email with: Your honest answer! Accountability helps keep us on the straight and narrow.

Let’s make it a week of peaceful progress, huh?


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